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Orbits of Glass Chapter 13 )

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Summary kidnapped from[personal profile] telesilla 

1) Discover the #1 single in your country of origin in the week you were born.
2) Find it on YouTube.
3) Post it on your LJ/DW page without shame. Or for some of you, with shame.

Also have decided even the video is creepy.

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Got the laundry done, beat the first Portal game only three years after it came out, fixed the curtain rod in my son's room, got done waffling and bought a seed account on DW,  and finally put a hook on the garage door so it doesn't blow open at the slightest breeze. 

So all in all, a fairly good day.
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Border Song
Author: sqweakie
Fandom: Fusion between Supernatural and How to Train Your Dragon (give it a chance people)
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural, HTTYD, psychic abilities, the Impala, a cult , or dragons of any sort (except one stuffed Nadder that if any one asks is my son's). The places mentioned exist on maps but that's about it. Anything information about them or characters mentioned is all coincidental.

 AN: This had been lurking on my hard drive since November NaNo and it's either post it or move on. This all started out talking about what kind of dragons me and my son would own if they were real. Then I thought about the types of dragons other people/characters would have and then this idea came out...

Synopsis: It started out like any other case, Sam having visions and a woman murdered in her own home.  They were still trying to find their rhythm even a month after Sam's possession.  But this really isn't a story about Sam.  It's the story about his brother Dean.  Dean and dragons and valkyries and how trying to change the future doesn't usually work out as planned.


Chapter One


It started out like Lawrence, not that either of them had made the connection at the time. Sam had assumed it was a premonition about one of the psychic kids like Max or Andy or Ava. They had written off the Lawrence thing as a one-time deal. One could have even assumed with Lawrence the psychic kid in question was Sam himself. )



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I am in desperate need of a beta to help me proofread my latest story.  Does anyone know where I can find a beta (either a site or somewhere on DW/LJ where beta's lurk) or if anyone is willing to beta a story that exploded on me?  If it matters, the story is a crossover/fusion between Supernatural and How to Train Your Dragon.  I know, weird crossover but most days that's how my mind words.
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Title: Common-Law Divorce

Fandom: Supernatural

Author: [personal profile] sqweakie /[livejournal.com profile] sqweakie 

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Pairing (if there is one): John/Mary


Summary: It's about Mary and it's about Dean.  It's about snapshots of meetings and leavings and families just a little more messed up than planned.  AU to the series. 

AN: hitting two birds with one stone. This is written for the 2011 [community profile] poetry_ficathon on Dreamwidth and I figured I'd snag a bingo or three for my [community profile] fanbingo Card at the same time.



I have been divorcing him ever since

going into court with Mother as my witness

and both long dead or not

I am still divorcing him,

adding up the crimes

of how he came to me,

how he left me.

      -Anne Sexton




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I had one of my epic dreams this morning. One of those huge, sprawling, full technicolor in the type of scale used in Gone with the Wind and Ben Hur. And in true epic dream fashion it's lingering and I still remember most of it. Here is a twisted window into my subconscious.


It's the end days, after some sort of post-apocalyptic attack (possible caused by aliens or advanced human tech).

There are small groups of humans all over the earth. Me and my son are in one group traveling across the country. We set up in an abandoned building, occasionally communicating with other survivors via cellphones. I guess either satellites or cell towers are partially operational.

A small group of us head out for supplies, my son stays behind with the main group. We head into an abandoned grocery store when we are attacked. We didn't fight back, just tried to get what we could so we could escape. We're throwing supplies pulled out of those low open meat cases into a grocery cart but we didn't have much. A light is blinking somewhere and a timer is counting down. While all of this is going on we are talking about how we need to find a safer sanctuary, more defensible. People suggest these remote places, large houses built out of stone or in mountains. We barely get out before the building explodes.

After that we head to a town, the other half of our group is missing including my son. The town is built on low cliffs by a large body of water. As we walk through it we can see these large waterfalls cutting down the cliffs and between the buildings, completely frozen.

We go into a large building after walking through the town with the frozen waterfalls. My mother is in there and it must have been our home because we are going through it looking for personal effects. I remember picking up combs and they crumble and the teeth fall off in my hands. Then we head upstairs where there are lots of rooms. I pick up some books, saying we should have something to read. Some one says it's a waste because we have to carry everything ourselves in backpacks, extra weight.

Finally we head farther into the building and upstairs. We find a woman and a group of children she is taking care of. My son is in that group.


Then I woke up.

I don't know if I should get a dream analysis or start stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water.
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And thus the madness begins...

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I did it! I can't believe I wrote over 50000 words this past month and I'm still not nearly done with my story. Now I'm gonna go and pass out now...
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Why is it when I have a pounding headache that I get my highest word counts? Over 4000 words just today when my word counts have been less than half of that this week (work is totally getting the blame for that). If I can, I have one more set of 500 words to go to break 25,000.
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The librarian must think I'm on my way to ten sorts of crazy. So far this month I've borrowed books on poetry, vikings, genealogy, wicca for beginners and most recently books about symbology, haunted Lake Michigan and haunted Wisconsin.

I'm thinking the librarian is right...
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I didn't think that Write or Die would actually work for me but it did. Managed to write over 1500 words in one sitting tonight. Maybe it's because I'm not getting distracted by what I've writing above or below in my story. Maybe it's because of the ear-piercing cacophony when I stop.

Either way it helped me break 10,000 tonight so I'm feeling pretty good.
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Day 2:

Well, I'm actually a little ahead of where I planned to be. Finally got to get my two crossover fandoms to actually cross today. Sam ditched Dean and drugged an innocent dragon and I have my first scene with Astrid roughly worked out. I guess spending a few weeks planning and researching actually work. I'm off to go clean out the control room for new equipment for tomorrow...I'm doing all I can to procrastinate and put off my yearly eval at work. Probably why I'm ahead on my word count for nano as well.
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Taking the plunge and I'm attempting NaNoWriMo this year. I don't think I have ever planned this much for a story (might be why I've stalled out on two other stories).  Right now I'm flipping between Norse Mythology, Loom Weaving and Supernatural transcripts and I'll probably be dreaming of Vikings all night again.
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I just literally took and passed my CT boards on Saturday and today I signed up for Atlantis Big Bang.  I just ended my internet exile because I was studying  for said boards and trying to finish my sticksandsnark story (which I did both)  It must be the exhastion that made me think it was a good idea to do this...
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Title: Bonds Beginning


Author: sqweakie
Recipient: ladyjax


Warnings: unBeta'd
Word Count: over 12000

Prompt: A combination of 'AU. Use your imagination' and 'Courting'

Pairing: Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagen

Summary: 'Rarer are love bonds, two people whether of the same or different genders that vow to stay together, to make one home and one life. Such bonds are not forged easily and they are harder still to break.'

Technology to the Athosians was always a subtle, forbidden art. )
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I am so tempted to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] sticksandsnark .  I really like the pairing (and I love Teyla and have the urge to write her) but besides for cliche bingo I've never signed up for something with a deadline.  I don't know if I needed to be talked into or out of it.
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*Hangs head in shame*

I Finally collasped under peer pressure and am now on Facebook...

*continues to hang head in shame*
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Memorial Walk
By: sqweakie

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Genre: Gen
Word Count: over 2500

AN: I wrote this a couple months ago for the SGA Flashfic 'In Memoriam' challange and I'm finally getting around to posting this to my journal.  Mentions of Cannocal and OC Character death.

Summary: Ignorance was never an excuse in the Pegasus Galaxy. It just made you dead quicker. This they had learned during their first year and it was their duty to teach those that came after.  )
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Why did nobody tell me that Supernatural is so awesome?!

Last Sunday I managed to hurt my back and for the most part all I could do was lay in bed or lay on the couch this entire week.  Normally I'm not a tv watching person but on a whim (and since I was a prisoner of the couch anyways) I rented the first episodes of season 4 just to see what it was like.  Five day's later I've have blown through the entire season  and I've decided that I'm gonna be just like Bobby when I grow up because he is just that awesome.  So awesome that I'm tempted to find a Bobby icon.  Between him and Jensen Ackles' voice  and the great acting they made hours of laying around unable to do anything just a little more bearable. So, I'm at work (not working, just getting my release to come back), trying to find as many stories as I can before I have to head back home where I have no internet and no new episodes to watch.


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